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Hay Ladies! is a place for thoughtful, respectful discussion and the occasional adorable animal photo. Which means we don’t mind your disagreeing with us–in fact, we welcome it–as long as you’re not being an assbag. Things that assbags do include: troll, make personal attacks on bloggers or other commenters, comment without reading the full post and other assinine things that make it apparent they still live in mom’s basement, to be determined at our discretion.

Do not be an assbag. If you are an assbag, we will probably delete your comments. Unless your comments are so powerfully assbaggy that they amuse us deeply and display how truly right people who don’t act like you are.

And trolls, please allow us to head you off at the pass: we realize that we are fat, ugly sluts who hate men and that’s why we write thoughtful, engaging blog entries that challenge privilege and make people laugh. We got it. You really don’t need to leave us any additional comments, because if we were going to quit blogging or kill ourselves or go make you a sandwich, we would have done it already. Super promise. Now, go hang out with your friends.

7 Responses to Comments Policy

  1. Sam Merten says:

    So, since you are only addressing ladies, does that give male commenters a free pass when it comes to assbaggery?

    • We are not only addressing ladies, and even if we were, why would that mean male commenters get a free pass? Also where is the internet machine that can tell a commenter’s sex from behind a computer screen?

  2. Other Becky says:

    You forgot “humorless”! That one’s key! We’re fat, ugly, humorless man-hating sluts with no sense of proportion.

  3. betty says:

    Hi Andrea, I recently discovered your writing, and like what you’re doing. I have a topic for you to consider: The timeframe that many men have set that is appropriate for a woman to agree to go to bed with them. And consider that these same men throw themselves all over women, physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally, and expect it is the woman’s job to say no to the sex if it is a true ‘relationship’ they want.

    This has happened to me with the last two men I have been involved with, one 59, the other 45, and both said, “I guess I am old fashioned,” the day AFTER the sex… not before, or during.

    I thought maybe, and sometimes still think, maybe it’s me, and I am just really bad in bed, but I’ve been told by other women that they too have found the same sexist statements from some men they have dated… and checking online shows the same blabber of why a woman needs to say no to a man if he is seducing her early in the relationship. These guys think it is ok to turn a woman on, but if she accepts the offer, than she is not a “good” girl and they actually place the blame on her for agreeing to sex too early. (Someone just f’n shoot me please!!!)

    Don’t get me wrong, I have never had sex on a first or second date, I had been long distance friends with the 59 yr old for seven years — yes 7 YEARS (after meeting at a business event) before flying 1,000 miles to see him (twice) and initiating sex with him during second visit; and I had sex with the 45 yr old on date #4 (and two months time).

    The next day, both these men had me feeling like a whore, which is so far from the truth. My friend, who enjoyed male companionship often when she was on the dating scene, told me I was too uptight about sex and is the one who fixed me up with the 45 yr old and told me to “do him,” when I told her I was not ready to jump into that with him. But when he was ALL OVER ME KISSING ME, holding me, etc, I finally could not say NO any longer, and then I got a phone call the next morning from him saying we were moving too fast and he felt like he pushed me into sex because I had told him earlier in the night that I didn’t want to rush into sex… I told him I wasn’t upset, that I had a nice evening with a nice man, and that’s when the “I guess I am old fashioned” statement came from him.

    Anyway, I am sick of the double-standard men and society have placed on women with the expectation that they need to be the one to tell a man no, and that the man has absolutely no responsibility to control his behavior and actions in regards to turning a woman on… if it was a woman doing it to a man, she would be called a cock-tease. What is a man called when they do it to a woman?

    Anyway, something to consider writing about. I am sure you can find plenty of women who have experienced this bullshit… if you’d like to chat about my catastrophe’s, let me know. 🙂

  4. Cindy Powell says:

    Enjoy your blog, and have especially appreciated your information on transvaginal ultrasound laws in Texas. I’m just catching on here in WA State. Just wrote an essay on my blog called “Welcome to Gilead: Now Spread those Pretty Little Handmaid Legs for Your Transvaginal Ultrasound.” Hope you drop in.

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