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BREAKING: Woman Holds Down Two Jobs

Breaking news out of Houston: a freelance writer holds down several jobs. Writer Richard Connelly–the same genius who brought the world the “Top 10 Hottest Female Sex Offenders” list, so you know he’s a super cool, progressive, thoughtful dude–discovered that … Continue reading

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North Texas Pharmacy Refuses To Sell E.C. To Grown Ass Man

Anna Merlan at the Dallas ObserverĀ brings us this ridiculous tale of ridiculous ridonkbaggery: a North Texas man trying to buy emergency contraception for his wife was denied the pill by the pharmacist because, uh, he is a legal person over … Continue reading

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The Crappy And Sad Obama Plan B Failure

I bought a “Barack, You Rock!” shirt during the ’08 presidential election. I donated to Obama’s campaign. I drove around with a “HOPE” sticker on my car, and when some assbag scribbled “KKK” on it in Sharpie marker, I got … Continue reading

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Lesson Learned From “The Help”: Eat Fried Chicken.

There’s nothing like a Hollywoodified summer weeper about a heroic Singularly Good White Lady saving Mammy ‘N Friends from the bonds of systemic racial and class oppression to make you hungry for fried chicken, am I right or am I … Continue reading

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Dallas-area Planned Parenthood Target of Violent Attack

A Planned Parenthood clinic in McKinney, TX–just north of Dallas–caught fire last night when someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the building. Reports Pegasus News: Holly Morgan, director of media relations and communications for Planned Parenthood in Dallas, said their … Continue reading

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When It Comes To Abortion, Austin American-Statesman Columnist Is Tired Of Women Talking About It

In an editorial today in the Austin American-Statesman, manly male man-opinioner Ken Herman expresses his frustration with the way in which women wrongly dominate the conversation when it comes to abortion, which to his mind, is not being talked about … Continue reading

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Houston Press Lists Ten Hottest Female Sex Offenders

If I were the Houston Press, and I were part of the Village Voice Media chain of newspapers currently under investigation for facilitating sex trafficking through their outlet, making jokes about how hot sex criminals are would not be … Continue reading

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Denton MILFest 2011: Vomit barf puke vomit barf puke vomit

Vomit. Puke barf. Vomit barf. Yarf vom. Retch spew. Vomit. Retch. Vomit vomit barf vomit yarf barf vomit. Hurk vomit barf hurky vomit. Blech vomit hack vomit barf barf yarf. Vomit yarf. Barf barf barf. Puke vomit retch. Spew vomit. … Continue reading

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