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Does The Strip Club “Pole Tax” Perpetuate Rape Myths?

Last week, the Texas Supreme Court unanimously upheld a $5 tax on patrons of strip clubs as constitutional. The tax goes to sexual assault agencies and health programs for the poor. My inner feminist opines: why is the all-Republican, conservative … Continue reading

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Texas Sex And Gender News Roundup: Terrible Shithead Edition

So look, y’all, I know I’ve been a terrible shithead lately with posting hardly any feminist things at all and concentrating most of my writing efforts on, well, something as comparatively fluffy and fleeting (and to be fair, juicy, pun … Continue reading

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Rick Perry: Consistently Flip-Flopping For Social Conservatives

I’ve got a piece up at RH Reality Check today on Rick Perry’s proud tradition of pandering to social conservatives. Call him a flip-flopper if you want, but the man is good at it: Perry’s record is certainly worthy of … Continue reading

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Lesson Learned From “The Help”: Eat Fried Chicken.

There’s nothing like a Hollywoodified summer weeper about a heroic Singularly Good White Lady saving Mammy ‘N Friends from the bonds of systemic racial and class oppression to make you hungry for fried chicken, am I right or am I … Continue reading

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Travis County To Stop First Trimester Abortion Funding: And Here’s How You Can Help

A few days ago, I wrote about what ending MAP means for Texas women. Unfortunately, I am writing to provide you an update on the Central Health board’s decision. In an unanimous decision, the Travis County Central Health Board has … Continue reading

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Surprise! Crisis Pregnancy Centers Don’t Separate Education, Religion

The Texas Independent reports today on violations ranging from fire safety to client privacy in Texas’ many “alternatives to abortion” contractors. You know them as crisis pregnancy centers, and also as one of the few state-funded programs that saw their … Continue reading

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The Latest Threat To Health Care In Texas

I have a piece about conservative shadow group ALEC just published in the Summer 2011 issue of Ms. Magazine, wherein I detail the connections between uber-corporate-funded ALEC and Texas lawmakers, who used ALEC’s “model legislation” to vote in block grant … Continue reading

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