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The State Of Texas Thinks You Can Get A Pap Smear At An Endoscopy Clinic

I’m jumping on the wheezing Hay Ladies! here to show that despite the blog’s superlag, I have in no way given up on writing about feminism and women’s rights in Texas. To the contrary, I’m doing more work for, … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s PPACA Rejection: But what does it all mean!?

As of Monday, Rick Perry wouldn’t like gazillions of dollars in federal funding to alleviate the fact that 25% of Texans–the highest percentage of people in any state–are without health insurance. In a letter to Secretary of Health and Human … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Texas Women’s Health Program

By the end of April, the Texas Women’s Health Program will either be a thing of the past or a shadow of its former self, as I report today for No matter what any Republican tells you, the Obama … Continue reading

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Why Republican Candidates Are Terrible For Women, Broken Down With Like, Facts And Shit

Just came across two articles that I think are pretty good brainfodder if you, like me, anticipate having a lot of discussions with conservative family members in the next year about how great Rick Perry/Herman Cain/Whoever would be for the … Continue reading

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Monday Roundup Y’all

Relevant to your interests: Dallasite Nancy Upton went on the Today show and balled it up talking about American Apparel. There’s video! Why is everyone just now coming around to this Wayne Christian quote admitting anti-choicers are not just against … Continue reading

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West Texas School Administrators See Literally No Connection Between Their Choice Of Sex Education And Teen Pregnancy Rates

This week is the release of the latest Mary Russell novel, Pirate King, a vintagey, feministy series that posits: what would happen if Sherlock Holmes had a brilliant young female protegĂ© (and later, wife) with whom he solved cases of … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Hey, the great thing about a three day weekend is that it means a four-day work week. Now, here’s some occasionally very depressing news related to sex and gender in Texas: The “Petticoats and Slide Rules” exhibition at the Women’s … Continue reading

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