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Hitched: My Maid Of Honor Hates Weddings

For this week’s Hitched column, I tackle lady relationships and wedding culture by addressing the fact that my maid of honor hates weddings. And yet, there she is at my side, shopping for wedding gear and reading a poem during … Continue reading

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Hitched: Strangers At My Wedding!

This week’s “Hitched” column for The Frisky is about the nasty business of guest lists. Specifically: why, if I’m so shy about professing undying love in front of my family, am I also so frustrated when I’m asked to invite … Continue reading

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Have you been reading Hitched?

Today I’ve got another “Hitched” column in the Frisky, which has been kind enough to post my ruminations on soon-to-be married life and the path thereto. Today’s column is about my fail-safe advice on how to get married. Intrigued? Read … Continue reading

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The Crappy And Sad Obama Plan B Failure

I bought a “Barack, You Rock!” shirt during the ’08 presidential election. I donated to Obama’s campaign. I drove around with a “HOPE” sticker on my car, and when some assbag scribbled “KKK” on it in Sharpie marker, I got … Continue reading

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This Week’s Hitched Column: The Ring Issue

This week for The Frisky I wrote my Hitched wedding column about getting engaged without a ring. Except now I am engaged with a ring. An expensive one. An excerpt: There was just something about wearing proof of our engagement … Continue reading

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Hitched: The Wedding Dress Body Project

This week, “Hitched,” my Frisky column about getting married centers on wedding dress shopping and body shame. You should read it. And then eat some Doritos and feel good about it. To start: One of the most exciting things about … Continue reading

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I’m getting married and I promise this is the last I’ll say about it here.

Over the weekend my boyfriend Patrick and I got engaged. Er, decided to get married. Make honest women and men of each other. Whatever. Of course I’m starting a new blog about it because, well, feminist party planning can get … Continue reading

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Why Punishing People Doesn’t Make Us Great Texans

[Readers, please welcome Katherine Craft to Hay Ladies! She’s an Austin-dwelling activist who runs a badass theatre program for incarcerated women. In this guest post, she talks about why Texas’ “Don’t Mess” image shouldn’t be a point of pride if … Continue reading

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What Twitter Thinks About Rick Perry’s Twitter Blockage

Because Jezebel reposted my piece on Rick Perry Twitter-blocking me (and a bunch of other people! Hello, cohort!), my Twitter feed exploded yesterday with new Twitter followers, new Twitter haters, and a lot of really interesting arguments in favor of … Continue reading

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Why Rick Perry’s Twitter-Blocking Is Childish, Assbaggy and, Oh Yes, Un-American

My initial reaction to finding out that Governor Rick Perry–my governor, whether I voted for the man or not–has blocked me on Twitter was one of bemused joy. “I WIN THE WORLD!” I tweeted excitedly, because it was such a … Continue reading

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