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A twinside joke.

Spent most of the afternoon horking it up on Twitter talking about all the wonderful things I’m going to do with Naomi Wolf’s feminist card now that she no longer needs it. The culmination, of course, was that I entered … Continue reading

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May I say a thing?

For the most part, people got the “Who Will Rape Me?” essay. They understood that the first-person perspective was a kind of rhetorical device meant to drive home the urgent, personal nature of how important it is to take rape … Continue reading

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Who Will Rape Me?

What makes me most angry about the reprehensible, privilege-denying behavior of Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann and their allies in the whole Julian Assange-can’t-be-a-rapist-because-he’s-a-freedom-fighter ordeal, addressed beautifully by Sady Doyle and a number of brilliant feminists in the form of the … Continue reading

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