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Hitched: Are Wedding Presents Just A Reward?

In this week’s Hitched column for The Frisky, I wonder whether wedding registries are even needed any more. I also get really fucking excited about the trampoline our wedding party bought us. But I don’t think we can ignore the phenomenon … Continue reading

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Picking Apart Rick Perry’s WHP Claims: Surprise! He’s Playing Politics With Women’s Health.

This week for RH Reality Check, I look at two questions, one of which is more infuriating than the other. The first is, what will Texas’ new state-funded WHP look like? The second is, Can Rick Perry tell the fucking … Continue reading

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Hitched: Should We Go To Premarital Counseling?

This week in my Hitched column for The Frisky, I discover the wonders and horrors of premarital counseling, which in Texas is really, really recommended by the State, especially if you are a Christian person: Is the point of “Twogether … Continue reading

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Can You Throw An Affordable Wedding In The Age Of The WIC?

In this week’s Hitched column for The Frisky, I ask the question: can you actually have an affordable capital-W-wedding in the age of the Wedding Industrial Complex? Because Patrick and I sure are trying. I assumed it couldn’t be that hard … Continue reading

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Update: The Plight Of The Married Woman Still Pretty Much A Plight

[Ed. note: Last week we reposted a piece by Nan about her frustration with the North Texas PBS affiliate, KERA, which thanked her for her donation by, well, erasing her by privileging her husband’s name over her own. They blamed it … Continue reading

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The Plight of the Married Lady

[Ed. note: This post by contributor Nan originally appeared “In honor of Valentine’s Day,” on her blog, Behind the Times. She’s graciously allowed us to repost it on Hay Ladies! Thanks, Nan.] Dallas’ public radio station, KERA, recently ran a … Continue reading

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This Week’s Hitched Column: The Ring Issue

This week for The Frisky I wrote my Hitched wedding column about getting engaged without a ring. Except now I am engaged with a ring. An expensive one. An excerpt: There was just something about wearing proof of our engagement … Continue reading

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Why Republican Candidates Are Terrible For Women, Broken Down With Like, Facts And Shit

Just came across two articles that I think are pretty good brainfodder if you, like me, anticipate having a lot of discussions with conservative family members in the next year about how great Rick Perry/Herman Cain/Whoever would be for the … Continue reading

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Today in Some Bullshit: Dallas Women’s Museum To Close

The Women’s Museum in Dallas’ gorgeous art-deco Fair Park is set to close at the end of October. I’ve been there many times over the years, almost always for a good cause–a breast cancer fundraiser, a pro-choice film screening and … Continue reading

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Texas Sex And Gender News Roundup: Terrible Shithead Edition

So look, y’all, I know I’ve been a terrible shithead lately with posting hardly any feminist things at all and concentrating most of my writing efforts on, well, something as comparatively fluffy and fleeting (and to be fair, juicy, pun … Continue reading

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