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CultureMap Dallas Launches With Victim-Blaming “Crime News” Story And Self-Righteous Response To Criticism

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will note that I occasionally rag on CultureMap Austin, a publication I actually wrote one piece for back when it launched in 2011. (Relive the memories!) CultureMap–there’s a Houston, Austin and now, Dallas, version–is … Continue reading

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The Myth Of The Happily Married Woman

Regular HayLadies! readers will recall that I got married back in April; during the process, I wrote a column called Hitched! for The Frisky. The fun part is that even though I’m an old boring married lady now, they still … Continue reading

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The Texas Observer‘s Gynecological Cover

The Texas Observer‘s “getting a lot of feedback” about their most recent cover illustration. I think it’s kind of awesome. I think it could have been done without the cover lines and been even more powerful. Full disclosure, I am … Continue reading

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Best Angry Stripper Tweet Ever


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BREAKING: Woman Holds Down Two Jobs

Breaking news out of Houston: a freelance writer holds down several jobs. Writer Richard Connelly–the same genius who brought the world the “Top 10 Hottest Female Sex Offenders” list, so you know he’s a super cool, progressive, thoughtful dude–discovered that … Continue reading

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Picking Apart Rick Perry’s WHP Claims: Surprise! He’s Playing Politics With Women’s Health.

This week for RH Reality Check, I look at two questions, one of which is more infuriating than the other. The first is, what will Texas’ new state-funded WHP look like? The second is, Can Rick Perry tell the fucking … Continue reading

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On The Privilege of Marriage

In this week’s Hitched column for The Frisky, I wonder if maybe it isn’t the gays! and feminism! and contraception! that’s killing marriage in America, but capitalism. Specifically, a Wedding Industrial Complex that says you’re not really married unless you … Continue reading

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