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CultureMap Dallas Launches With Victim-Blaming “Crime News” Story And Self-Righteous Response To Criticism

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will note that I occasionally rag on CultureMap Austin, a publication I actually wrote one piece for back when it launched in 2011. (Relive the memories!) CultureMap–there’s a Houston, Austin and now, Dallas, version–is … Continue reading

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The Myth Of The Happily Married Woman

Regular HayLadies! readers will recall that I got married back in April; during the process, I wrote a column called Hitched! for The Frisky. The fun part is that even though I’m an old boring married lady now, they still … Continue reading

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The Texas Observer‘s Gynecological Cover

The Texas Observer‘s “getting a lot of feedback” about their most recent cover illustration. I think it’s kind of awesome. I think it could have been done without the cover lines and been even more powerful. Full disclosure, I am … Continue reading

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Best Angry Stripper Tweet Ever


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BREAKING: Woman Holds Down Two Jobs

Breaking news out of Houston: a freelance writer holds down several jobs. Writer Richard Connelly–the same genius who brought the world the “Top 10 Hottest Female Sex Offenders” list, so you know he’s a super cool, progressive, thoughtful dude–discovered that … Continue reading

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Picking Apart Rick Perry’s WHP Claims: Surprise! He’s Playing Politics With Women’s Health.

This week for RH Reality Check, I look at two questions, one of which is more infuriating than the other. The first is, what will Texas’ new state-funded WHP look like? The second is, Can Rick Perry tell the fucking … Continue reading

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On The Privilege of Marriage

In this week’s Hitched column for The Frisky, I wonder if maybe it isn’t the gays! and feminism! and contraception! that’s killing marriage in America, but capitalism. Specifically, a Wedding Industrial Complex that says you’re not really married unless you … Continue reading

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Update: The Plight Of The Married Woman Still Pretty Much A Plight

[Ed. note:┬áLast week we reposted a piece by Nan about her frustration with the North Texas PBS affiliate, KERA, which thanked her for her donation by, well, erasing her by privileging her husband’s name over her own. They blamed it … Continue reading

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The Plight of the Married Lady

[Ed. note: This post by contributor Nan originally appeared “In honor of Valentine’s Day,” on her blog, Behind the Times. She’s graciously allowed us to repost it on Hay Ladies! Thanks, Nan.] Dallas’ public radio station, KERA, recently ran a … Continue reading

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Backlash Against Forced Transvaginal Ultrasound Laws Gain Steam

Irin Carmon over at Salon addresses the increasing political and pop-culture backlash against forced transvaginal ultrasound laws, which we are all too familiar with now here in Texas. (Well, we’re familiar with the laws, less so the backlash, since ugh, … Continue reading

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