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Not Feminist, Just Exciting: H&M Will Open In Austin Fall 2012

Some excellent news just came on this otherwise horrible-news morning: just got a press release from the H&M people, and they’re going to make an honest city out of Austin this fall. I’m just gonna copy and paste the press … Continue reading

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Diane Von Furstenberg To Give Dallas Dating Tips

I am sure Diane Von Furstenberg has a really good reason for slumming it by shilling for at a series of seminars that “will make people more confident ahead of their initial meetings with a potential love match.” I … Continue reading

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Hitched: The Wedding Dress Body Project

This week, “Hitched,” my Frisky column about getting married centers on wedding dress shopping and body shame. You should read it. And then eat some Doritos and feel good about it. To start: One of the most exciting things about … Continue reading

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Monday Roundup Y’all

Relevant to your interests: Dallasite Nancy Upton went on the Today show and balled it up talking about American Apparel. There’s video! Why is everyone just now coming around to this Wayne Christian quote admitting anti-choicers are not just against … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Hey, the great thing about a three day weekend is that it means a four-day work week. Now, here’s some occasionally very depressing news related to sex and gender in Texas: The “Petticoats and Slide Rules” exhibition at the Women’s … Continue reading

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Founds “Breastaurant” Biz

A former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader has founded a website called, where restaurateurs can get help turning “any restaurant into a breastaurant!” There are a number of reasons I am not excited about making the world a more receptive place … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Manic Pixie Muppet Babies

[Ed. note: hey y’all, remember Austin’s Allison from Ask A Texan? She wrote another thing for us.] As a kid, and even as a teen, I never wanted to grow up. Being an adult, as far as I could tell, … Continue reading

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Ask A Texan: What’s With The Get-Up?

Dear Ask A Texan, I am constantly perplexed by the Texas Trifecta: cowboy hat, big belt buckle, cowboy boots. I mean, on one hand I get it. Big belt buckles are shiny, almost hypnotically so. Cowboy hats can apparently hold … Continue reading

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