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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Tonight, Dallas-Fort Worth will turn into a snowy, wint’ry wonderland just in time for us to display our extreme panic when cold weather hits–for hundreds of thousands of people from Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Stay inside and read instead: Too … Continue reading

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Texas Sex And Gender News Roundup, afternoon edition.

Heyfriends. Here comes the ladynews and gender happenings. Let’s do a thing. U.S. Supreme Court grants stay of execution for former army recruiter convicted in Fort Worth rape and murder nine years ago. Midlant Schools Superintendent turns to local crisis … Continue reading

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Tosh Point No: We Kind Of Can’t Believe We Have To Tell You That Rape Jokes Are Not Hilarious

[Ed. note: readers, please welcome long-time Dallasite and extreme fan of pants, Merritt Martin, to HayLadies! She edits the calendar section at the Dallas Observer and has a one-eyed cat.] Hi, Merritt here. If you know me or have read … Continue reading

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Observer crosspost: Dallas “Respected Prophet” Blames Gays For Dead Birds

You can’t make it up. I mean, Cindy Jones can make it up, but you can’t make up Cindy Jones making it up that the Arkansas dead birds are a direct result of God’s displeasure with the repeal of Don’t … Continue reading

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A twinside joke.

Spent most of the afternoon horking it up on Twitter talking about all the wonderful things I’m going to do with Naomi Wolf’s feminist card now that she no longer needs it. The culmination, of course, was that I entered … Continue reading

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What does being pretty have to do with police work?

I don’t have cable television, but I do have Google Alerts, one of which (“dallas women,” imagine that) always sends me the latest clips of Police Women of Dallas, which I was prepared to hate long before I ever actually … Continue reading

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Girl Gone Confused

There are some things written about Girls Gone Wild empresario Joe Francis’ supposed break-up with former Dallasite and CBS-11 reporter Christina McLarty that do not make sense to me. I made a list: “Joe Francis’ wife” Okay, that is the … Continue reading

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