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Diane Von Furstenberg To Give Dallas Dating Tips

I am sure Diane Von Furstenberg has a really good reason for slumming it by shilling for at a series of seminars that “will make people more confident ahead of their initial meetings with a potential love match.” I … Continue reading

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More On The King Bucks Sexist Slur Saga

Surely the King Bucks fat-old-bitch incident is still fresh in our/your minds? If not, read this. Ok. I’ve been waiting, ever since Sophia Dembling was called sexist slurs by a local radio celebrity, for someone or anyone over at DC9 … Continue reading

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Why The Village Voice Should Drop, Or At Least Re-Think, Its Sex Trafficking Crusade

I first became aware of contention between Village Voice Media and anti-sex trafficking activists earlier this year, when the Super Bowl came to Dallas. Anti-sex trafficking activists were ratcheting up awareness campaigns in advance of the event, a couple of … Continue reading

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Ask A Texan: Who Makes The News, Y’all?

Dear Ask A Texan: When the television networks shoot a segment here, I am convinced they interview at least 30 people before they find the one that has the strongest, back country hick accent they can find to make it … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Bon Thursday to y’all! Andy Dick has been sued for rubbing his crotch on a guy’s face at the Trees club in Dallas during a 2010 show. Wendy Davis gets a “woo” and anti-gay bigot Warren Chisum gets a “boo” … Continue reading

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A story about ladyfriends.

In this month’s D Magazine, I’ve written a piece called “Inside Dallas’ Incestuous Mayoral Race” which is mainly about two ladyfriends who are prominent behind-the-scenes political movers-and-shakers (and other tired clich├ęd terms). You may recognize Sarah Dodd as the former … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

This week has been a political doozy. But the GOP’s war on women isn’t the only thing that happened. The Texas mandatory sonogram bill has been sent to the senate for a vote. The Texas Tribune has a great piece … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Tonight, Dallas-Fort Worth will turn into a snowy, wint’ry wonderland just in time for us to display our extreme panic when cold weather hits–for hundreds of thousands of people from Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Stay inside and read instead: Too … Continue reading

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Texas Sex And Gender News Roundup, afternoon edition.

Heyfriends. Here comes the ladynews and gender happenings. Let’s do a thing. U.S. Supreme Court grants stay of execution for former army recruiter convicted in Fort Worth rape and murder nine years ago. Midlant Schools Superintendent turns to local crisis … Continue reading

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Tosh Point No: We Kind Of Can’t Believe We Have To Tell You That Rape Jokes Are Not Hilarious

[Ed. note: readers, please welcome long-time Dallasite and extreme fan of pants, Merritt Martin, to HayLadies! She edits the calendar section at the Dallas Observer and has a one-eyed cat.] Hi, Merritt here. If you know me or have read … Continue reading

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