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Does The Strip Club “Pole Tax” Perpetuate Rape Myths?

Last week, the Texas Supreme Court unanimously upheld a $5 tax on patrons of strip clubs as constitutional. The tax goes to sexual assault agencies and health programs for the poor. My inner feminist opines: why is the all-Republican, conservative … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Let’s see if I remember how to do this. Grand Prairie man who shot and killed his family at his son’s 11th birthday party was “eerily calm” before the crime. The intrepid trend-spotting reporters of Tyler, TX have discovered this … Continue reading

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More On The King Bucks Sexist Slur Saga

Surely the King Bucks fat-old-bitch incident is still fresh in our/your minds? If not, read this. Ok. I’ve been waiting, ever since Sophia Dembling was called sexist slurs by a local radio celebrity, for someone or anyone over at DC9 … Continue reading

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What It’s Like To Watch People You Like Demean Women

So here’s what happened: a female freelance writer for the Dallas Observer wrote a post on the paper’s music blog about a popular local country group, the King Bucks, criticizing what she felt was their lackluster live performance chops. The … Continue reading

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Why The Village Voice Should Drop, Or At Least Re-Think, Its Sex Trafficking Crusade

I first became aware of contention between Village Voice Media and anti-sex trafficking activists earlier this year, when the Super Bowl came to Dallas. Anti-sex trafficking activists were ratcheting up awareness campaigns in advance of the event, a couple of … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

The things, they are happening: An SMU professor listens in, real-time-like, while parents spank their kids. Surprise! The cast of Bravo’s new Dallas-based “reality” show is full of football players and beauty queens. A letter to the editor in the … Continue reading

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Founds “Breastaurant” Biz

A former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader has founded a website called, where restaurateurs can get help turning “any restaurant into a breastaurant!” There are a number of reasons I am not excited about making the world a more receptive place … Continue reading

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