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Today in Some Bullshit: Dallas Women’s Museum To Close

The Women’s Museum in Dallas’ gorgeous art-deco Fair Park is set to close at the end of October. I’ve been there many times over the years, almost always for a good cause–a breast cancer fundraiser, a pro-choice film screening and … Continue reading

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“Universal” Fetal Alcohol Screening In Texas

I’ve got a piece up today on Reproductive Health Reality Check about state officials who want “universal” screening of pregnant women for alcohol use in an effort to combat Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. FAS is real, prevalent and scary, but I … Continue reading

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Why Are The Women Of Texas Tech Trying To Oppress Men With Their Educational Forums About Gender Equality That Are Open To Everyone And Not At All Exclusive Of Anyone, Including Men?

“What’s Going On At Texas Tech, and Why Aren’t the Men Invited?” asks Rex Andrew of News Talk 790 in West Texas, who is unsure what this whole “Women’s Studies Program” at Texas Tech is getting at with this event-thingie … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

It’s Tuesday. And you know what that means. Don’t you? Because I don’t. Someone please tell me. Biggish news: the Silsbee, TX cheerleader who was forced to cheer on her rapist and then pay the school district’s court fees, may … Continue reading

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Three Rapes Reported In Nine Days At TCU

When three rapes are reported in nine days at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, y’all know it’s time to bring out the big victim-blaming guns. First, the straight story from the Star-Telegram: On Aug. 18, campus police received a … Continue reading

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Texas Sex And Gender News Roundup

Let’s kick off Monday with something that, if you missed on Friday, will make your heart squeal with joy. And then on to the rest of the sad. Always the sad. Dallasite Nancy Upton balls it the fuck up with … Continue reading

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West Texas School Administrators See Literally No Connection Between Their Choice Of Sex Education And Teen Pregnancy Rates

This week is the release of the latest Mary Russell novel, Pirate King, a vintagey, feministy series that posits: what would happen if Sherlock Holmes had a brilliant young female protegé (and later, wife) with whom he solved cases of … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Ta-da! Pretty sure this is old news to anyone who keeps up but it bears reminding folks: HIV/AIDS programs in Texas are facing huge funding cuts. Gov. Perry gets a standing ovation in Ohio for saying he supports a bill … Continue reading

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Carlos Vasquez Takes On Forth Worth’s “Downtown” Establishment

I wrote the cover story for this week’s Dallas Voice, wherein I profiled Dr. Carlos Vasquez, the only openly gay school board member ever elected in Texas. But Vasquez says the city’s impenetrable downtown establishment causes much more of a … Continue reading

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Ask A Texan: Who Makes The News, Y’all?

Dear Ask A Texan: When the television networks shoot a segment here, I am convinced they interview at least 30 people before they find the one that has the strongest, back country hick accent they can find to make it … Continue reading

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