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CultureMap Dallas Launches With Victim-Blaming “Crime News” Story And Self-Righteous Response To Criticism

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will note that I occasionally rag on CultureMap Austin, a publication I actually wrote one piece for back when it launched in 2011. (Relive the memories!) CultureMap–there’s a Houston, Austin and now, Dallas, version–is … Continue reading

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North Texas Pharmacy Refuses To Sell E.C. To Grown Ass Man

Anna Merlan at the Dallas ObserverĀ brings us this ridiculous tale of ridiculous ridonkbaggery: a North Texas man trying to buy emergency contraception for his wife was denied the pill by the pharmacist because, uh, he is a legal person over … Continue reading

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Chelsea Richardson To Escape Death Row

I’ve written before on HayLadies! about Chelsea Richardson, the first woman in Tarrant County ever to be sentenced to death. I’ve written about her because she was the girlfriend of a man named Andrew Wamsley, who I attended school with … Continue reading

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Monday Roundup Y’all

Relevant to your interests: Dallasite Nancy Upton went on the Today show and balled it up talking about American Apparel. There’s video! Why is everyone just now coming around to this Wayne Christian quote admitting anti-choicers are not just against … Continue reading

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The Good Doctor No More

If you live in Houston, you’ve heard a little bit about the Brown criminal trial. Many Houstonians know (Dr.) Michael Brown from the many billboards that tote the Brown Hand Center, or the commercials in which Michael Brown promises to … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

It’s Tuesday. And you know what that means. Don’t you? Because I don’t. Someone please tell me. Biggish news: the Silsbee, TX cheerleader who was forced to cheer on her rapist and then pay the school district’s court fees, may … Continue reading

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Three Rapes Reported In Nine Days At TCU

When three rapes are reported in nine days at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, y’all know it’s time to bring out the big victim-blaming guns. First, the straight story from the Star-Telegram: On Aug. 18, campus police received a … Continue reading

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