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Why “Save The Tatas” Is Gross, Demeaning and Counter-Productive

I’m sorry I’ve been such a shit with HayLadies! updates this week, y’all. But in my internetive exploits I did run across this amazing post on Speaker’s Corner in the ATX about “Save The Tatas” and related breast cancer awareness … Continue reading

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Texas Sex And Gender News Roundup

Let’s kick off Monday with something that, if you missed on Friday, will make your heart squeal with joy. And then on to the rest of the sad. Always the sad. Dallasite Nancy Upton balls it the fuck up with … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Hey, the great thing about a three day weekend is that it means a four-day work week. Now, here’s some occasionally very depressing news related to sex and gender in Texas: The “Petticoats and Slide Rules” exhibition at the Women’s … Continue reading

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Dallas Sports Columnist Can’t Be Asked To Watch Women’s Sports

Every so often, Richie Whitt, the sports columnist at the Dallas Observer and 105.3 The Fan radio personality, gives us another opportunity to wonder how he manages to draw two paychecks for spewing ignorant, sexist and only occasionally sports-related drivel … Continue reading

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More On The King Bucks Sexist Slur Saga

Surely the King Bucks fat-old-bitch incident is still fresh in our/your minds? If not, read this. Ok. I’ve been waiting, ever since Sophia Dembling was called sexist slurs by a local radio celebrity, for someone or anyone over at DC9 … Continue reading

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What It’s Like To Watch People You Like Demean Women

So here’s what happened: a female freelance writer for the Dallas Observer wrote a post on the paper’s music blog about a popular local country group, the King Bucks, criticizing what she felt was their lackluster live performance chops. The … Continue reading

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Founds “Breastaurant” Biz

A former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader has founded a website called, where restaurateurs can get help turning “any restaurant into a breastaurant!” There are a number of reasons I am not excited about making the world a more receptive place … Continue reading

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