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Austin Feminist One-Year Anniversary Tweetup Saturday 12/1 With The Lilith Fund!

Austin feminists and allies, please allow me to cordially (OR NOT SO CORDIALLY IN ALL CAPS) invite you to tomorrow’s joint #ATXFEM/Lilith Fund tweet-up and happy hour! Our first tweet-up, at which the #ATXFEM hashtag was born, was December 3, … Continue reading

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The State Of Texas Thinks You Can Get A Pap Smear At An Endoscopy Clinic

I’m jumping on the wheezing Hay Ladies! here to show that despite the blog’s superlag, I have in no way given up on writing about feminism and women’s rights in Texas. To the contrary, I’m doing more work for, … Continue reading

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Not Feminist, Just Exciting: H&M Will Open In Austin Fall 2012

Some excellent news just came on this otherwise horrible-news morning: just got a press release from the H&M people, and they’re going to make an honest city out of Austin this fall. I’m just gonna copy and paste the press … Continue reading

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This is what an activist court looks like: Planned Parenthood once again blocked from Texas’ WHP

Remember yesterday when everyone was so happy that Planned Parenthood got temporary permission to continue participating in the Texas Women’s Health Program? Time to stop being happy: the hyper-conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled overnight that it’s an “emergency” … Continue reading

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Hitched: Should We Go To Premarital Counseling?

This week in my Hitched column for The Frisky, I discover the wonders and horrors of premarital counseling, which in Texas is really, really recommended by the State, especially if you are a Christian person: Is the point of “Twogether … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Texas Women’s Health Program

By the end of April, the Texas Women’s Health Program will either be a thing of the past or a shadow of its former self, as I report today for No matter what any Republican tells you, the Obama … Continue reading

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Austin Feminist Tweetup Is Tomorrow!

Texas feminists, friends and allies! My heartiest apologies for the stagnation as of late on Hay Ladies! I’ve been working overtime at two freelance gigs–editing both Eater Dallas and Eater Austin, which I’ll continue to do for the next couple … Continue reading

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Texas Sex And Gender News Roundup

Is it michelada:30 yet? No? It’s not even 10:00 a.m.? Ugh. How the Texas health care system is “withering” under Rick Perry. A serial child rapist from Saginaw has been sentenced to life in prison, plus twenty years. Gov. Perry … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Hey, the great thing about a three day weekend is that it means a four-day work week. Now, here’s some occasionally very depressing news related to sex and gender in Texas: The “Petticoats and Slide Rules” exhibition at the Women’s … Continue reading

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Why Punishing People Doesn’t Make Us Great Texans

[Readers, please welcome Katherine Craft to Hay Ladies! She’s an Austin-dwelling activist who runs a badass theatre program for incarcerated women. In this guest post, she talks about why Texas’ “Don’t Mess” image shouldn’t be a point of pride if … Continue reading

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