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Ask A Texan: What Do You Do When He Won’t Make A Move?

Dear Ask A Texan, Okay, so I am in college and for the last nine months, I’ve had a crush on Dude A, who’s been in my classes and I think is interested in me, but we’ve only done the … Continue reading

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Ask A Texan: So, About That Gun Thing

Dear Ask A Texan, Remember Joe Horn? In 2007 he looked out his window and saw someone robbing his neighbor’s house (nobody was home, property loss only, there was no threat of bodily harm to anyone until Joe Horn stepped … Continue reading

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Ask A Texan: Who Makes The News, Y’all?

Dear Ask A Texan: When the television networks shoot a segment here, I am convinced they interview at least 30 people before they find the one that has the strongest, back country hick accent they can find to make it … Continue reading

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Ask A Texan: Why do Texans get off on being from Texas?

[Ed. note: please welcome Austinite, crafter and design maven Allison to “Ask A Texan.” As a multi-generation Texan, we feel she is more than qualified to answer this question. If you think she got it wrong–or right–let us know in … Continue reading

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Ask A Texan: Did I Ruin It With This Girl?

Dear Ask A Texan, Back in LA, I went out recently with a girl that I’ve known for a few years. Not in the biblical sense, but I know her well. I met her at a bar in Hollywood, things … Continue reading

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Ask A Texan: What’s With The Get-Up?

Dear Ask A Texan, I am constantly perplexed by the Texas Trifecta: cowboy hat, big belt buckle, cowboy boots. I mean, on one hand I get it. Big belt buckles are shiny, almost hypnotically so. Cowboy hats can apparently hold … Continue reading

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Introducing: Ask A Texan!

I started reading “Dear Abby” in elementary school–I’d practically pounce on my dad over my Lucky Charms as he came through the front door every morning with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to get my hands on the “Life” section, where … Continue reading

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