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Susan Quesal holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Her academic work examines the nature of blackness in the present day through the lenses of home-space and the historical violence of slavery. She currently works at a mission-driven technology company, and hopes to help bridge the divide between the humanities and business over the course of her career.

Why Race Matters In The Cleveland Rape Case

I woke up yesterday to a slew of links on my Facebook and Twitter feeds about the New York Times article on the rape of an 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, Texas. Many of you probably saw the article, and most … Continue reading

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How White Dude Scholarships Reconfigure Race In “A Moment Of Demographic Crisis”

A lot of folks seem to be getting pretty up in arms about this whole “White Dude” scholarship thing that is happening at Texas State in San Marcos.  As a Texas resident but non-native, I want to start by saying … Continue reading

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Susan says boycotting anti-feminist men is the only way to go.

We were amused and inspired by Boycott American Women, the instructive, enlightening blog about the women who are the worst: American women. We wanted to start a whole other blog about boycotting anti-feminist men, but we are lazy, stupid American … Continue reading

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