The State Of Texas Thinks You Can Get A Pap Smear At An Endoscopy Clinic

I’m jumping on the wheezing Hay Ladies! here to show that despite the blog’s superlag, I have in no way given up on writing about feminism and women’s rights in Texas. To the contrary, I’m doing more work for, which includes the incredibly depressing and tedious job of calling out the State of Texas on the ever-growing amounts of bullshit they’re trying to sell to women.

If you were at the Texas Women’s Health Program meeting on Tuesday at DSHS, you probably saw anti-choice shill Abby Johnson trot out a list of what she said were 181 alternatives to Planned Parenthood in Austin, should the health care group be kicked out of participating in the TWHP. I called the providers on that list. One of them was an endoscopy clinic. Turns out, they don’t do pap smears at endoscopy clinics. Surprise.

About andrea grimes

Andrea is a journalist living in Austin, TX. She has a master's degree in anthropology and did her thesis work on gender and stand-up comedy. Seriously. Also, she has a bunch of cats. Three of them. Is three a bunch? Discuss.
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2 Responses to The State Of Texas Thinks You Can Get A Pap Smear At An Endoscopy Clinic

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for sifting through the database and coming up with these figures. It’s important work.

  2. Hi Andrea: The coalition, Texas Well and Healthy, recently posted a blog describing one Texans’ struggle to find health care in Austin. We thought your video was a great exercise in illustrating health care obstacles many people face, so we embedded it in our post! Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look:

    To a Well and Healthy Texas! Liz Moskowitz

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