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Not Feminist, Just Exciting: H&M Will Open In Austin Fall 2012

Some excellent news just came on this otherwise horrible-news morning: just got a press release from the H&M people, and they’re going to make an honest city out of Austin this fall. I’m just gonna copy and paste the press … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s PPACA Rejection: But what does it all mean!?

As of Monday, Rick Perry wouldn’t like gazillions of dollars in federal funding to alleviate the fact that 25% of Texans–the highest percentage of people in any state–are without health insurance. In a letter to Secretary of Health and Human … Continue reading

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The Next #ATXFEM Tweetup Is July 14th!

The first #ATXFEM tweetup was back in December 2011, and since then Austin feminists have been meeting just about monthly to drink cold beverages, organize with other activists and generally have a sweet time. If you haven’t been to one … Continue reading

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