Can You Throw An Affordable Wedding In The Age Of The WIC?

In this week’s Hitched column for The Frisky, I ask the question: can you actually have an affordable capital-W-wedding in the age of the Wedding Industrial Complex? Because Patrick and I sure are trying. I assumed it couldn’t be that hard to throw a wedding for $5,000. It’s just a big party, right? I was wrong:

We started with a goal of spending $5,000 on a wedding for about 100 guests, which we thought we could reasonably be able to afford between the two of us. And believe me,  I don’t consider $5,000 a drop in the bucket. It is a lot of money. And I know couples have thrown great weddings for far less — but when the average American wedding costs $27,800, Patrick and I are definitely flying coach on Wedding Industrial Airways.

It was important to me to pay for the wedding ourselves as much as possible, because I can be the world’s biggest doormat if I feel at all beholden to anyone else. I wanted an individualized, secular celebration-of-love party, and I knew if someone else was signing the credit card receipts, I’d be churching it up before my subdued country-club cocktail hour reception — and most likely at thrice the price.

I go on to lay out some practical tips and shortcuts that I think can really help people on a budget have a great party for a reasonable amount of money. It’s a little weird to be honest about costs of things because people are so weird about talking about money, but honestly, I think brides and grooms should talk about this stuff so we don’t get fleeced.

Read the rest here.

About andrea grimes

Andrea is a journalist living in Austin, TX. She has a master's degree in anthropology and did her thesis work on gender and stand-up comedy. Seriously. Also, she has a bunch of cats. Three of them. Is three a bunch? Discuss.
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