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Hitched: My Maid Of Honor Hates Weddings

For this week’s Hitched column, I tackle lady relationships and wedding culture by addressing the fact that my maid of honor hates weddings. And yet, there she is at my side, shopping for wedding gear and reading a poem during … Continue reading

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Sexism In Comedy Is Rampant, Boring And Also On The Way Out

Look, guys, I might never do comedy again because I’m lazy and I think I was never good at it to start with, and I’m not saying that so that you guys will all pile on and be like ‘NOOOO … Continue reading

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An Orientalist Eyesore In Austin

[Ed. Note: Readers, please welcome Jenny Rain to Hay Ladies! Jenny Rain (or just “Jen,” as those on familiar terms call her) is a writer, activist, people observer and Twitter-lover living in Austin, Texas. She’s into philosophy, art, media, feminism, progress … Continue reading

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Meet The Anti-Choice Judge Behind Texas’ Forced Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Decision

The Texas Observer ran a piece late yesterday about the 5th Circuit’s decision to go ahead and allow Texas’ forced trans-vaginal ultrasound law to be enforced while its constitutionality is challenged in court, and it contains some pretty interesting (but hardly … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Really Clear About What A Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Is

What is a trans-vaginal ultrasound, besides a medical procedure that Texas law requires doctors perform on abortion-seeking Texans whether they want it or not? Well, it sure isn’t jelly-on-the-belly. A trans-vaginal ultrasound is a penetrative procedure that studies have shown … Continue reading

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Texas’ Forced Trans-Vaginal Sonogram Law Can Be Enforced While Challenged In Court, 5th Circuit Rules

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals is totally down with forcing doctors to tell women needless and harmful lies about consequences of abortion that don’t exist and have not been scientifically proven. They’ve ruled that Texas can enforce its … Continue reading

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The first Austin Feminist Tweetup was so good, we’re having another one. TOMORROW!

We had a phenomenal turnout at last month’s Austin Feminist Tweetup. I’m guessing twenty or so folks must have showed up throughout the night to talk feminism, work, play, sex, cats, all kinds of shit. There’s even an official hashtag: … Continue reading

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Hitched: Strangers At My Wedding!

This week’s “Hitched” column for The Frisky is about the nasty business of guest lists. Specifically: why, if I’m so shy about professing undying love in front of my family, am I also so frustrated when I’m asked to invite … Continue reading

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North Texas Pharmacy Refuses To Sell E.C. To Grown Ass Man

Anna Merlan at the Dallas Observer brings us this ridiculous tale of ridiculous ridonkbaggery: a North Texas man trying to buy emergency contraception for his wife was denied the pill by the pharmacist because, uh, he is a legal person over … Continue reading

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