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This Week’s Hitched Column: The Ring Issue

This week for The Frisky I wrote my Hitched wedding column about getting engaged without a ring. Except now I am engaged with a ring. An expensive one. An excerpt: There was just something about wearing proof of our engagement … Continue reading

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Why Republican Candidates Are Terrible For Women, Broken Down With Like, Facts And Shit

Just came across two articles that I think are pretty good brainfodder if you, like me, anticipate having a lot of discussions with conservative family members in the next year about how great Rick Perry/Herman Cain/Whoever would be for the … Continue reading

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Diane Von Furstenberg To Give Dallas Dating Tips

I am sure Diane Von Furstenberg has a really good reason for slumming it by shilling for at a series of seminars that “will make people more confident ahead of their initial meetings with a potential love match.” I … Continue reading

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Chelsea Richardson To Escape Death Row

I’ve written before on HayLadies! about Chelsea Richardson, the first woman in Tarrant County ever to be sentenced to death. I’ve written about her because she was the girlfriend of a man named Andrew Wamsley, who I attended school with … Continue reading

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Hitched: The Wedding Dress Body Project

This week, “Hitched,” my Frisky column about getting married centers on wedding dress shopping and body shame. You should read it. And then eat some Doritos and feel good about it. To start: One of the most exciting things about … Continue reading

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