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Why “Save The Tatas” Is Gross, Demeaning and Counter-Productive

I’m sorry I’ve been such a shit with HayLadies! updates this week, y’all. But in my internetive exploits I did run across this amazing post on Speaker’s Corner in the ATX about “Save The Tatas” and related breast cancer awareness … Continue reading

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Monday Roundup Y’all

Relevant to your interests: Dallasite Nancy Upton went on the Today show and balled it up talking about American Apparel. There’s video! Why is everyone just now coming around to this Wayne Christian quote admitting anti-choicers are not just against … Continue reading

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The Good Doctor No More

If you live in Houston, you’ve heard a little bit about the Brown criminal trial. Many Houstonians know (Dr.) Michael Brown from the many billboards that tote the Brown Hand Center, or the commercials in which Michael Brown promises to … Continue reading

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“Universal” Fetal Alcohol Screening In Texas

I’ve got a piece up today on Reproductive Health Reality Check about state officials who want “universal” screening of pregnant women for alcohol use in an effort to combat Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. FAS is real, prevalent and scary, but I … Continue reading

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Why Are The Women Of Texas Tech Trying To Oppress Men With Their Educational Forums About Gender Equality That Are Open To Everyone And Not At All Exclusive Of Anyone, Including Men?

“What’s Going On At Texas Tech, and Why Aren’t the Men Invited?” asks Rex Andrew of News Talk 790 in West Texas, who is unsure what this whole “Women’s Studies Program” at Texas Tech is getting at with this event-thingie … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Humpity hump day. Sex abuse claims mount against Texas-based Boy Scouts of America. Rick Perry heads to Virginia to ramp up the rhetoric with social conservative students. An anti-choice activist priest in charge of Priests For Life has been accused … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

It’s Tuesday. And you know what that means. Don’t you? Because I don’t. Someone please tell me. Biggish news: the Silsbee, TX cheerleader who was forced to cheer on her rapist and then pay the school district’s court fees, may … Continue reading

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