Texas Sex And Gender News Roundup: Terrible Shithead Edition

Good old lovable white-dude-ist Ron Paul.

So look, y’all, I know I’ve been a terrible shithead lately with posting hardly any feminist things at all and concentrating most of my writing efforts on, well, something as comparatively fluffy and fleeting (and to be fair, juicy, pun intended) as food news, but I’m vowing here and today to dedicate more time to Hay Ladies. Consider this my solemn vow. And consider this today’s Texas sex and gender news roundup:

  • Amanda Marcotte explains why Ron “Let’s Go Back To The Good Old Days When 12,000 People Were Killed In Hurricanes Instead Of Just A Few” Paul is the worst, with bonus analysis on why his supporters are ridonk.
  • Here is an event thing for lady business owners in San Angelo.
  • Texans are more likely to get married and to get divorced.
  • Rick Perry signs anti-choice pledge with bonus unscientific fetal pain non-standard.
  • There’s more than one way people have been screwed by Rick Perry, and most don’t involve a creepy sexual panic.
  • Anti-big government rescue Rick Perry is trying to score some federal money to help support all the illegal immigrants who are apparently clamoring to be locked up in Texas’ luxury prison system, which bee-tee-dubs is in no way required to house said immigrants because they could just deport them, but that would mean no federal money, so.
  • A McAllen bar owner is going to prison for sex trafficking.
  • CBS DFW features Resolana, a non-profit that “educates and empowers women behind bars.”
  • Rick Perry practices almost nothing of which he preaches.
  • The forced trans-vaginal sonogram law goes into effect Thursday.
  • UT study says rape crisis centers need more money.

About andrea grimes

Andrea is a journalist living in Austin, TX. She has a master's degree in anthropology and did her thesis work on gender and stand-up comedy. Seriously. Also, she has a bunch of cats. Three of them. Is three a bunch? Discuss.
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