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Forced Trans-Vaginal Sonogram Bill Blocked For Now

Here are some things relevant to your interests with regard to the forced trans-vaginal sonogram bill which was passed in the last legislative session. It would have gone into effect on Thursday had the Center for Reproductive Rights not filed … Continue reading

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Houston Judge Rules Gay Father Can’t Leave His Kids Alone With Any Man But A Relative

Out of Houston last week, this news of judicially-sanctioned crazy on a bench: William Flowers divorced his wife, with whom he had three kids, then married a dude, Jim. Flowers’ ex-wife keeps main custody of the kids, while Flowers has … Continue reading

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Does The Strip Club “Pole Tax” Perpetuate Rape Myths?

Last week, the Texas Supreme Court unanimously upheld a $5 tax on patrons of strip clubs as constitutional. The tax goes to sexual assault agencies and health programs for the poor. My inner feminist opines: why is the all-Republican, conservative … Continue reading

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Dallas County Crime Lab Whistleblower Speaks Out

In this month’s D Magazine, I talked to Dr. Chris Nulf, a former Dallas County Crime Lab scientist who says the lab is mismanaged and uses expired chemicals to processes forensic kits. It’s not a strictly feminist piece, but in … Continue reading

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Texas Sex And Gender News Roundup: Terrible Shithead Edition

So look, y’all, I know I’ve been a terrible shithead lately with posting hardly any feminist things at all and concentrating most of my writing efforts on, well, something as comparatively fluffy and fleeting (and to be fair, juicy, pun … Continue reading

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Rick Perry: Consistently Flip-Flopping For Social Conservatives

I’ve got a piece up at RH Reality Check today on Rick Perry’s proud tradition of pandering to social conservatives. Call him a flip-flopper if you want, but the man is good at it: Perry’s record is certainly worthy of … Continue reading

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Dallas Woman Raped In Her Own Garage

Here’s a little mainstream victim-blaming for your Thursday sads: a Dallas woman went out to grab something from her garage freezer last week, saw that the ice box was empty, and turned to find herself being choked and raped by, … Continue reading

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Why Punishing People Doesn’t Make Us Great Texans

[Readers, please welcome Katherine Craft to Hay Ladies! She’s an Austin-dwelling activist who runs a badass theatre program for incarcerated women. In this guest post, she talks about why Texas’ “Don’t Mess” image shouldn’t be a point of pride if … Continue reading

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What Twitter Thinks About Rick Perry’s Twitter Blockage

Because Jezebel reposted my piece on Rick Perry Twitter-blocking me (and a bunch of other people! Hello, cohort!), my Twitter feed exploded yesterday with new Twitter followers, new Twitter haters, and a lot of really interesting arguments in favor of … Continue reading

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Why Rick Perry’s Twitter-Blocking Is Childish, Assbaggy and, Oh Yes, Un-American

My initial reaction to finding out that Governor Rick Perry–my governor, whether I voted for the man or not–has blocked me on Twitter was one of bemused joy. “I WIN THE WORLD!” I tweeted excitedly, because it was such a … Continue reading

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