“Pill Kills” protesters unwittingly raise thousands to help North Texas women

I also posted my article to the ALL Facebook page so they could see what a huge help they were to Planned Parenthood.

I’ve got a piece up on Reproductive Health Reality Check today about the “Protest the Pill” anti-choice movement, wherein conservative Christian–especially Catholic–groups assert that contraception is murder and that hormonal birth control kills women and marriage, the exclusive purpose of which is reproduction. I stopped by a North Texas Planned Parenthood on Saturday morning to check out the action:

Holding aloft crosses aimed at pro-choice activists and signs depicting infant children–“Take my hand, not my life,” one read–a group of Catholics celebrating the American Life League’s annual “Protest The Pill Day” unwittingly helped raise $6,710 to provide packs of pills to poor women in North Texas. Instead of organizing a counter-protest or even disseminating educational information to contradict ALL’s claims about the dangers of contraception, Planned Parenthood of North Texas simply asked supporters to pledge donations for every protester rustled up by the anti-choice group. Thanks to ALL, more than 600 women will get free pills so that they can continue to make reproductive choices for themselves.

Representatives for Planned Parenthood told RH Reality Check that ALL’s claims were so preposterous, they largely found them unworthy of any concentrated effort at refuting. Of the risks and benefits of contraception, Planned Parenthood community advocate Denise Rodriguez told RHRC Saturday morning, “We already go over all of that with every woman who comes into the clinic.”

Read the rest here.

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Andrea is a journalist living in Austin, TX. She has a master's degree in anthropology and did her thesis work on gender and stand-up comedy. Seriously. Also, she has a bunch of cats. Three of them. Is three a bunch? Discuss.
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1 Response to “Pill Kills” protesters unwittingly raise thousands to help North Texas women

  1. Surprise says:

    The Pill Kills Campaign: Death Penalty for Pill Takers and Pill Makers

    Here’s an email I sent to a Pill Kills Campaign organizer:

    It’s good of you to promote the Pill Kills Campaign, to make certain that women, their hormonal birth control manaufacturers, their gynecologists, and their pharmacists, are aware that if a woman takes the Pill, there’s a small chance that a blastocyst “person” may die due to the inhospitality of the lining of her womb.

    For if a blastocyst “person” is a human being, equal in worth to and having the same rights as a new born baby, then those that knowingly take, prescribe, manufacture, or dispense the Pill may be guilty of anything from manslaughter to 1st degree murder.

    In the U.S., manslaughter often carries a 1 year to 10 year prison term; 1st degree murder often carries a life without parole or death sentence.

    I foresee a “The Pill Kills: Death Penalty for Pill Takers and Pill Makers” follow-up campaign.

    It’s simply the logical conclusion once you assume that a blastocyst equals a person.


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