Anti-Choicers Agog As Women Refuse To Fill Strollers Because Somebody Else Said So

An anti-choicer from the Texas Right To Life has written about her totally uneventful time going “undercover” at a Planned Parenthood rally in Austin on May 11. She found out that pro-choice people think Planned Parenthood should be funded, talked to a dude who sounds pretty well-versed in pro-choice policy, and got all misty-eyed about a stroller she saw with no kid in it. Because empty strollers are, of course, a sign that America is circling the drain with our non-stop abortion sex parties–and not that a kid was tired of being in its stroller, or its parent had to carry it up some stairs or whatever.

The first bit is pretty straightforward:

“Earlier that day, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards held a press conference to address the cuts Planned Parenthood could face if the a version of the Women’s Health Program (Senate Bill 1854) gained passage, calling the bill “political blackmail.”  If this bill passed, the Women’s Health Program in Texas would have been renewed, but would have banned Planned Parenthood from participating.  What Richards called “political blackmail” was the provision in the bill that stated if the bill passed and Planned Parenthood were to sue and win, simply because their clinics were banned from the funding, the Women’s Health Program would expire completely in December.  Emotions ran high as Planned Parenthood and its supporters stood face-to-face with possible de-funding.”

Emotions ran high, let’s be clear, because there’s no fair, reasonable or legal reason to keep Planned Parenthood from providing a vital service to women because they also provide, under a separate entity that receives no tax money, another vital service to women: abortion, which is legal.

In a letter sent to Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and State Senators Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound) and Robert Deuell (R-Greenville), nine Texas Planned Parenthood facilities vowed to sue the state if the bill passes and Planned Parenthood’s funds are taken.  The letter calls the cuts “constitutionally abhorrent” and “fiscally irresponsible.”  Planned Parenthood supporters were urged to deliver postcards to the senators and representatives with the “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” mantra printed on them.  The day folded into early evening as Planned Parenthood supporters took to the south gate of the Capitol for a rally.

This would have been a time wherein the author, Sarah Crawford, wanting to advance her anti-choice stance, could have talked about how cutting off Planned Parenthood would not be “fiscally irresponsible,” except of course that there’s no way to argue that because what’s “fiscally irresponsible” is, in fact, cutting off family planning funding.

But then, these freewheeling anti-choicers got a crrrrrraaaaaaazy idea: hang out with some pro-choicers and find out what’s wrong with them! Their unmatched bravery is after the jump.

A few of us from Texas Right to Life decided to make our way to the south side of the Capitol to see how the Action Day was going to end.  After Cecile Richards’s press conference and the race to drop their cards off at legislators’ offices, we were expecting to see a large group standing outside the gate.  As we approached, we were met by a group of no more than 60.  We stood and watched as cars drove by and honked; sending the assembly into fits of hoots and hollers.  When a city bus or a police car would offer up a toot, the cheers would grow a little louder.

Honking is fun.

After a short while, two of us decided to get a closer look.  Gwen Fleming was the first to approach one of the half dozen or so men attending the rally.  A man with a mohawk was carrying a stack of pamphlets and appeared to be absorbed in the rally.  I joined Gwen and we began a 45-minute conversation with Barry (not his real name).  Gwen and I approached the rally and Barry as though we knew nothing about what was happening in the legislature or anything about the Pro-Life versus pro-choice debate.  Barry was more than willing to educate Gwen and me on the “assault” women are enduring at the hands of legislators and Pro-Life groups.

Six whole men at a rally of, what, hundreds?, and Gwen and Sarah, naturally, talk to a dude, because if you’re an anti-choicer, you know instinctively that men = SMRT, and ladies = baby makin’ machines.

Barry was very informational.  He told us about how the legislators and Pro-Life community are shaming women by forcing them to view a sonogram before the procedure, trying to make a woman think the fetus invading her body is a human.  He told us that some states had even passed legislation that would ban abortions after twenty weeks, when, in his opinion, all women should be allowed to undergo the procedure through the third trimester.  Barry explained that shaming women and banning abortion will force them into back alley abortions that will cause complications and send women to the hospital where they cannot pay for treatment, hence why they need Planned Parenthood’s free to low cost services.  He ardently stated that “women should be in charge of all their bodily functions, including pregnancy.”

Barry explained a bunch of true facts to these women, the most galling of which included his belief that individual women, not the government, should be the ultimate decision-makers when it comes to the handling of pregnancy.

During our discussion, we would pause as another car blared their horn.  There was a hand full of children wandering about or sitting in their strollers in bright pink, oversized “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” t-shirts.  Signs reading “Don’t Take Away My Birth Control,” “Stop The Hate On Women’s Fate,” “Don’t Take Away My Cancer Screenings,” “Unite For Prevention,” and “Honk For Women’s Health,” lined the street.

What is with all this concentration on health care, prevention and contraception, seriously? It’s almost like Planned Parenthood is not actually a giant Abortionplex. Interesting.

We asked Barry, how do pro-choicers go about changing it so women have access to preventative care and abortion services?  His response was to keep doing what they were out there doing: rallying and showing legislators that women’s reproductive rights are to be no one’s choice but their own.  Barry did concede that Pro-Lifers are actually chipping away at the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade, state by state.  He stated that polls are showing that 51% of Americans now view themselves as Pro-Life.

See, this is the thing: pro-choicers don’t want to change it so that women have access to vital health care. They want to keep it so that women have vital access to health care. It’s the anti-choicers who believe the opposite of, one presumes, the idea that “women’s reproductive rights are to be no one’s choice but their own.”

It was getting late, so Gwen and I decided to take our leave of Barry and the rally.  We bid him adieu and walked away from the Capitol gate.  As we wandered away from the mass of pink, we discussed the experience.  Barry was polite, yet his misinformation was not surprising.  He was unable to connect his own words to the reality facing him.  When he spoke of sonograms shaming women by “forcing them to hear the heartbeat” of the non-human invading their bodies, I nearly blew my cover.  I wanted to ask him how a non-human entity could possibly have a heartbeat to hear.  He admitted it had a heartbeat, he would not (or could not) admit it is human.

Still waiting on an explanation of what misinformation, exactly, Barry was sharing. Also, she knows animals of all kinds have heartbeats “to hear,” right? And also Crawford knows that neither she nor Barry have a direct line to God Hisownself that allows them to know when “life” begins or whatever kind of anti-choice religious posturing Crawford thinks is a good counter-argument here? Maybe not. I’m just glad she didn’t blow her cover and save Barry a lot of time and energy.

We marveled at how accommodating Barry was to us.  However, we realized that had he known we were actually “anti-choice” activists, his opinion, demeanor, and interaction may have been much different.  Barry was in charge of the conversation because we claimed to know nothing about the issue.  Barry, in his opinion, was the teacher.  He passionately educated us on the injustices women are facing.  He was informing us, two adult women, about how we are in danger of losing control of our bodies.  The irony was evident: Planned Parenthood advocates claim abortion is a woman’s issue, yet they are perfectly comfortable with using men as their mouthpiece.

I like this part for a lot of reasons. First, who the fuck knows what Barry would have done if a couple of argumentative, ignorant anti-choicers walked up to him and started into some kind of Bible-beating drama? Probably Barry would have walked away. Probably Barry would have danced. Probably Barry would have eaten some chips. Second, I like that Crawford hates Barry’s know-it-all tone when Crawford herself was pretending to be brain-dead and asking him every question in the world. (For example, I also hate that water is wet when I drink it.) Third, I like that Crawford quotes the female leader of Planned Parenthood and then calls Barry, the one of six guys at the rally, a “mouthpiece” because she sought him out to ask questions and some alarm didn’t go off somewhere at the Pro Choice Sexy Abortion Headquarters before Barry was swarmed and silenced by hairy feminists armed with upside-down crosses.

What wouldn’t make sense to Crawford, and what does make sense to pro-choice people, is that the reason pro-choice people take exception to men (Rick Perry, Dan Patrick, Robert Deuell, etc.) telling them what they can and can’t do with their bodies is that men have no right to control women’s bodies. So, when a man says he has no right to control a woman’s body, pro-choicers are like yes dude, right on! Small difference.

The experience was eye opening.  Being among the people at this rally was enlightening, and at the same time exhilarating and heartbreaking.  Enlightening because we got a look into the mind of a Planned Parenthood supporter, who adamantly believes the lies he’s been fed.  It was exhilarating because we went under a guise, and we held our breath, not knowing the reaction if our cover was blown.  We did not have a plan if we were found out.  It was heartbreaking because we stood among a group calling for the destruction of Life, oblivious to the pain abortion bestows on this world.

At any point, I expect Crawford to enumerate the many and varied ways that the things Barry told her were “lies,” except she never does, so I am left wondering if she, herself, knows. Crawford also really seems stuck on this idea that pro-choicers were going to beat her up or something if they found out she was pro-life. I hate raining on the religious right I’m-so-victimized parade, but y’all, it should be pretty clear by now that pro-choice people are more than used to dealing with the anti-choicers both in the form of elected representatives and in the form of, say, most of the people they meet in this conservative state. So, no, probably they would just be like oh, there are some anti-choice people, let’s cross the street.

The best part is that the two women didn’t have a plan if they were found out, which beautifully embodies the entirety of the anti-choice position: we don’t have a plan and we don’t want anybody else to have a plan, either.

No word on the specifics of the “pain abortion bestows on this world,” but one assumes it dwarfs the pain of, say, hundreds of thousands of women suffering from cervical cancer because they couldn’t get pap smears, or untold numbers dying of back-alley procedures.

The entire experience left us wanting.  We wanted to talk more in depth, and get a richer experience of how the mind of pro-abortion activism works.  We wanted to get to the root of their desire, and what drives them to pursue a culture that harms more than it helps.  We wanted to expose the lies they were telling, and being told.  We wanted to take the little children that were there, and hold them close and thank God their lives had been spared.

Sarah Crawford, I can help you here! Well, I can’t help you if what you want to do is hug strangers’ children and force your religion on them, but I can help you understand better about how the pro-choice mind works. To find out what drives us to pursue a culture in which women are healthy, all children are wanted and women are treated with respect and dignity, you can start here. Or here. And if you think those are sites run by a bunch of godless liberals, consider learning about the Republican Majority for Choice.

As Texans battle to reallocate funds away from the destructive industry that is abortion, we also fight to educate the people that have been fed lies from Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion left.  We combat for the lives of the children, and the women, who are being silenced.  We also pray the path of pro-abortion supporters is blocked, and through spreading the Pro-Life message, we pray the course is changed as people come to accept the truth.

I presume the fight to educate people about the lies fed to them by Planned Parenthood is happening somewhere other than in this article, wherein Crawford pretty much just repeats things pro-choice people told her and doesn’t bother to refute them. Possibly because it’s difficult to talk about wanting to take health care away from hundreds of thousands of women without kind of sounding like a misogynist asshole. I’m just speculating, here.

Here comes the big closer!

The thing that stands out in my mind most vividly from that day happened when Gwen and I were walking away from the rally.  We passed a lone stroller sitting empty on the sidewalk, apart from the group, completely disregarded.  How many more empty strollers will sit vacant, unseen, and forgotten until the pro-abortion left realizes the destruction they have let loose on this world?

Those pro-choice harpies, what’s the next thing they’re gonna do? Mow down strollers with their Priuses in protest? Burn Barney in effigy? How dare a stroller sit empty while Sarah Crawford looks at it and has some thoughts? How dare women not fill up every available stroller with a baby while Sarah Crawford walks this earth? The injustice is staggering. Staggering!


About andrea grimes

Andrea is a journalist living in Austin, TX. She has a master's degree in anthropology and did her thesis work on gender and stand-up comedy. Seriously. Also, she has a bunch of cats. Three of them. Is three a bunch? Discuss.
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4 Responses to Anti-Choicers Agog As Women Refuse To Fill Strollers Because Somebody Else Said So

  1. Jenny says:

    To be fair, she did say there were only about 60 people there…

  2. Bhevarri says:

    Ohhh my word these people just do not stop =(

  3. ShesAPoet says:

    I have to say, Ms. Andrea, I believe you have to be one of my current favorite writers. You capture everything so well. The woman needs some tissue with her story that is suppose to break the hearts of the readers. Until they know every woman’s reason for an abortaion (which they never would, even if they tried) then they can’t pass judgment saying “it is so wrong.” Being able to make the choice yourself, knowing your own story, is the reason we all have choice. I recently moved to Texas and the way many religious, white, Pro-Life people act scares me more than anyone else. I am not saying I am for abortion, but I strongly believe that a woman’s body is her own. Planned Parenthood has helped me with exams and BCP, even though I am working, but have no health insurance. I would never have known where to go if it was not for them. Planned Parenthood does not force anyone to have an abortion. But people are making it seem like they are fetus-hungry businesses and nothing more. Why ask a dude about Planned Parenthood? Ask a woman. We can speak for ourselves. Listen.

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