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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Happy Official Barack Obama Birth Certificate Day. No doubt we can now move on to matters of pressing national concern, like addressing the floundering economy. No? Not really? Still harping on Planned Parenthood? Okay then. After a Republican hold-up, the … Continue reading

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As reproductive healthcare goes, so goes food security

While Texas legislators are busy whittling away at women’s access to reproductive healthcare, making cutbacks on HIV medications, or maybe praying for rain, about 700,000 in just Harris County are fighting their own budget crisis. Amid high unemployment and high … Continue reading

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Bus Driver Who Refused To Do His Job Given $21,000 For His Troubles

An Austin bus driver who refused to take two women to Planned Parenthood last year–and was subsequently fired for, you know, not doing his job–sued Capital Area Rural Transit and has been awarded a $21,000 settlement. Edwin Graning, who can … Continue reading

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SlutWalkers Take Dallas

I am exceedingly proud to say that Patrick Michels is the most ballerest of ballers balling it up on Unfair Park with his thorough and witty coverage of SlutWalk. Back at the plaza, speakers took turns at a megaphone to … Continue reading

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The Perfect Summer Shirt

[Glance over this first.] The essential shirt is always a summer shirt. Obviously there are other kinds of shirts (those ridiculous, frequently collared and sleeved creations worn by dudes to work, to dates, to the Oscars, to church, to dinner, … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

It’s doing that Monday being a day thing again. The Dallas Morning News runs an article about women managing family finances that doesn’t talk down to women. Ladymags, are you listening? Dallas pastor Stephen Broden continues to defend his group’s … Continue reading

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Calling Dallas Sluts, Slut-Allies, Prudes, Dudes, Etc: It’s Time to SlutWalk!

Perhaps the most recent, well-publicized incident of rape victim blaming happened right here in Texas, in Cleveland, after the repeated gang rape of an 11-year-old girl caused people to speculate in the New York Times that perhaps she dressed too … Continue reading

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