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Texas Sex and Gender Morning Kick-Off

Top o’ the Monday to y’all. Here’s what’s doing in Texas sex, gender and lady news thusly: “Would Jesus mandate sonograms but cut Pre-K?” in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. A Texas anti-choice group’s racist billboard has been taken down in … Continue reading

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Dallas Walk For Choice Photos

I’m guessing around 200 people came out this afternoon to support women’s rights in downtown Dallas in today’s Walk For Choice. It was beautiful and fun and full of love, righteousness and good will. More photos (click to embiggen) after … Continue reading

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AND FURTHERMORE re: South By Southwest

I guess this is a thing that has to be said: saying that sexism or gender discrimination exists in a particular area is not the same as saying that the people who operate in that area are sexists. At least … Continue reading

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Why There Aren’t More Female Comics At SXSW

After booking one female comic—one–out of 30 comics for its Austin showcase, SXSW has said it’s “disappointed” there aren’t more female comics on the line-up. To this I say: horse shit. Horse. Shit. This is akin to making yourself a … Continue reading

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Texas Sex and Gender News Roundup

Happy Tuesday, y’all. It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. Hope I remember how. The Dallas Morning News editorial page takes a stand against Sen. Dan Patrick’s sonogram-of-shame bill. I rarely say this about the DMN, but: … Continue reading

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Man caves for men, “Mom” caves for women!

Ladies! It is so hard having all of the babies like you are supposed to have! And men! It is so hard having a penis! CAN I GET AN AMEN? NBC’s DFW affiliate knows how hard it can be to … Continue reading

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Texas senate passes abortion sonogram bill.

Texas Tribune has the story: Under Patrick’s legislation, a doctor would have to describe to a woman the details of a sonogram hours before performing the abortion. The doctor would show the woman the sonogram and play the heartbeat audibly, unless … Continue reading

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