Susan says boycotting anti-feminist men is the only way to go.

We were amused and inspired by Boycott American Women, the instructive, enlightening blog about the women who are the worst: American women. We wanted to start a whole other blog about boycotting anti-feminist men, but we are lazy, stupid American women and couldn’t figure it out. Instead, this is all we could manage with our little brains–a call to boycott anti-feminist men.

Anti-feminist men usually smell bad and are often fat.  If they aren’t fat, they will be someday because they are clearly lazy if they don’t want to do the work of dating a woman who respects herself. Sometimes women have challenging opinions and sometimes they won’t end the argument agreeing with you, and some men can’t handle that because they have low self-esteem.  Furthermore, anti-feminist men usually won’t go down on you because they are either scared of being bad at it or because they don’t think sex should provide pleasure to the woman. I feel bad for anti-feminist men because clearly they aren’t comfortable with themselves, but I also can’t date them anymore because it makes my brain and soul hurt.  I have found that anti-feminist men often think that by paying for things (food, gifts, etc.) they are doing all the work they need to do, when really I can pay for things on my own.  What I really need is someone whose conversation is intellectually stimulating, who is okay with my holding opinions that are different from his, and whose love for me is emotionally fulfilling.  That is why I have decided to boycott anti-feminist men.

About Susan Quesal

Susan Quesal holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Her academic work examines the nature of blackness in the present day through the lenses of home-space and the historical violence of slavery. She currently works at a mission-driven technology company, and hopes to help bridge the divide between the humanities and business over the course of her career.
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4 Responses to Susan says boycotting anti-feminist men is the only way to go.

  1. drst says:

    Anti-feminist men usually smell bad and are often fat. If they aren’t fat, they will be someday because they are clearly lazy

    *sigh* Was it really necessary to go there? I love a good satire but invoking the false “fat people are just lazy” canard was, frankly, lazy.

    • drst, I think the fat/lazy thing was meant to be taken in the spirit of the original post’s logic on american women being fat and therefore lazy. (which is to say, re: logic, that there isn’t any.)

    • Susan says:

      I will second Andrea’s comments. In the original blog’s description, the author writes that American women are more likely to “get fat” than foreign women. I’m fighting fire with fire here — saying awful and offensive and reductive things about an entire group of people I don’t know in the spirit of the original, stupid, harmful blog. Plenty of antifeminist men who prefer foreign women AREN’T fat — just look at Julian Assange — but a lot of American women aren’t disrespectful, entitled, or “spoiled” either.

  2. Priatore says:

    I don’t particulaly care if foreign men think American women are ‘spoiled’. In fact, I’d rather they DID think it. Why?

    Because it’s reflective of the truth of how oppressive and cruel they are to the female population in their own country. The incalcuable abuses by men against women in ‘other’ countries doesn’t ‘discount’ the abuses of American men against American women, but I assure you that, at least in terms of sheer numbers, foreign men are violent, controlling, stupid, dominating, pieces of crap. I don’t care if it sounds ‘harsh’.

    When they wink at killing, and making it a LAW TO KILL, lesbians – fuck ’em.
    When they routinely abandon elderly widows to the streets as ‘shameful’ to their children – fuck ’em.
    When they subconsciously believe it’ s ok to beat women for the same reason they starve their dogs – fuck ’em.

    You go ahead and take that ‘logical’ approach to arguing something that is visceral, and you’ll see where it gets you. Where it gets all women: Nowhere.
    At the end of the day, most men value the opinions of other men. And they will listen to other men, and the religions of men. They’ll train their daughters to do the same, who become wives later.


    You betcha. And if I have it my way, us ‘evil feminists’ are going to make damn sure that YOUR women know what being ‘spoiled’ means too.

    Our longsuffeirng patience ends NOW. Compose yourselves gentlemen, grow up, and play nice and equal. We’re not accepting ANYTHING LESS, so suck it up.

    Don’t you give in girl. You’ll get burned every time. Blow me off as bitter, ignore me if you like. I would too. But you’ll revisit my words, and you’ll see.

    And that’s the saddest part of it all.

    So yes sir, we sure are spoiled. And we’re not letting go of it. Not in the face of your religions or simple minded versions of masculinity. We’ve fought too hard, too long, and suffered hardships you would consider insurmountable on your very best day. So STFU

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