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Observer repost: Deep Ellum’s premiere lady entrepreneur

I interviewed Stephanie Schumacher, owner of the (official!) best bar in Dallas, La Grange, about what she sees for Deep Ellum in 2011.

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Victoria Advocate Basically Reprints Press Release From Anti-Choice Texas Legislators

I don’t have the time or the inclination to take this apart the way it probably needs to be taken apart, but all’s I can say is that this article in the Victoria Advocate, an actual South Texas newspaper, makes … Continue reading

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Compliments and cat-calls.

One of the few advantages to Dallas’ obsession with cars is the relatively little time I spend dealing with being harassed on the street. It still happens occasionally, especially since I live in one of the city’s few walkable neighborhoods, … Continue reading

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Girl Gone Confused

There are some things written about Girls Gone Wild empresario Joe Francis’ supposed break-up with former Dallasite and CBS-11 reporter Christina McLarty that do not make sense to me. I made a list: “Joe Francis’ wife” Okay, that is the … Continue reading

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Susan says boycotting anti-feminist men is the only way to go.

We were amused and inspired by Boycott American Women, the instructive, enlightening blog about the women who are the worst: American women. We wanted to start a whole other blog about boycotting anti-feminist men, but we are lazy, stupid American … Continue reading

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May I say a thing?

For the most part, people got the “Who Will Rape Me?” essay. They understood that the first-person perspective was a kind of rhetorical device meant to drive home the urgent, personal nature of how important it is to take rape … Continue reading

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Unfair Park repost: Did Halliburton fire a Dallas woman for getting pregnant?

Her lawyer says she was laid off after she reported her pregnancy to her supervisors.

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It’s all happening, y’all!

Just wanted to post a quick thing on here to let new readers (which is to say, all readers) know that I am blown away by all the linking to the “Who Will Rape Me?” post and so thankful for … Continue reading

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Who Will Rape Me?

What makes me most angry about the reprehensible, privilege-denying behavior of Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann and their allies in the whole Julian Assange-can’t-be-a-rapist-because-he’s-a-freedom-fighter ordeal, addressed beautifully by Sady Doyle and a number of brilliant feminists in the form of the … Continue reading

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